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Bubble Worms

Science based experiments make for the best craft.  Ideas are sprung from bursting little minds and different tangents are taken.  It’s great watching children come up with questions and changes to make these fun crafts even better.

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For one Bubbly Worm:

Empty 600ml plastic bottle  (one each)
Old sock
Rubber band
Food colouring
A wide, shallow dish with cold water
Couple of squirts of washing up liquid

This is definitely an outdoors one, and old clothes should be worn if you go the food colouring option.  It’s also best tried on a still day, the wind will break the length of the worm, but it’s still great either way.

1.    Grab the plastic bottle and trim off the base end around 3cm in, (younger kids will probably need a hand with this part.)
2.    Attach the old sock over the bottle base.
3.    Put the elastic band over the sock to hold it in place.
4.    Fill the wide shallow dish with a couple of squirts of washing up detergent followed by water.
5.    Dip the sock end of the bottle into the detergent mix.
6.    Remind your child to BLOW, not suck, continue blowing until the bubble worm grows and grows.
7.    You can drip some drops of different food colouring on the sock end once you’ve dipped it in the detergent to make your colourful bubble worm.
8.    Fill your yard with rainbow bubbles and giggles.  Joy.

Print Your Shopping List