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Coily Finger Friends

Coily Finger Friends

Print Your Shopping List

Shopping List
Range of coloured pipe cleaners
Googly Eyes
Coloured pom-poms around 3cm wide (for the head)
Smaller spikey pom-poms or feathers around 1cm wide (only if you can find them, they’re great for mohawks)

1.    Get the kids to select a pipe cleaner, pom-pom, Mohawk, eyes and name an animal (this will determine the ears).

2.    Wrap around the finger approximately three times.

3.    With the left over pipe, bend in a loop to make the first ear (elephant, bunny, whatever!)

4.    Glue some dots on the head pom-pom.

5.    Carefully stick the googly eyes one at a time to the head.

6.    Wait for the glue to dry.  Use a glue gun if you have one, but it still works without, maybe just has a shorter expiry date.

7.    Glue the head to the body, so the ears are in position.

8.    Wait for drying.

9.    Let the puppet shows begin.

Print Your Shopping List