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Lava Jar / Schroom Explosion

Like mushroom clouds in the sky or volcanoes erupting the Lava Jar will have you dreaming of nights spent watching the lava lamp, marveling at the squishy forms of change and colour.

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Shopping List
A tall jar or clear container
Cooking oil
Food colouring

1.    Fill your jar with cold water to 2/3 full, the taller the jar the better.
2.    Pour around 1-2cm of oil on top of the water.
3.    Let the fun begin, spread food colouring drops around the top of the oil layer. Say 4 – 6 drops nicely spread out.  Different colours work well. The colouring is water-soluble so it doesn’t dissolve in the oil.
4.    Be patient, it doesn’t happen straight away, but when it does, its spectacular.
5.    When the colour makes its way through the oil and into the water it creates a marvelous show. Like watching colourful explosions in slow motion, mushrooms and sea monsters revealed.  The taller the container, the better, extending the life of each droplet colour-show.
6.    Rinse and repeat. Be careful when rinsing as the oil makes the jars rather slippery.

Print Your Shopping List