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Marketplace Priorities… a vox pop survey without any answers

Marketplace Priorities

a vox pop survey without any answers

©   Joan Cahill


Post Office convenient efficient

Yes, but you heard what I said to him

a snatch of conversation as she walks past

young, vigorous, well dressed, attractive

I wonder what she did say and

who she said it to.


Jewellery dazzling, dreams in a window

Oh really, did he really fire her for that

Fire who and what was that?

work clothes, unshaven (the look), boots

Harassment, theft, chewing gum

I want to hear the other end.


Checkout at Woolies always fascinating

Did you want the red or the striped packet?

Cornflakes, condoms, candy, crepes?

sleek hair, stylish glasses, enormous handbag

Yes but the red are a lot cheaper

Let’s get our priorities right.


I move from the seat beside the travelator

dance my way through the crowd

could the dialogue be more up-market

in the recently constructed section?

More syllables, more depth?


Shiny floor, perfume of shampoo, chic spectacles


What do you want me to do about it?

expensive suit, tailored shirt, vulpine look

Now I am really curious

Is someone in trouble (the caller?)


I am distracted by a pair of shoes

very comfortable looking shoes

silver hair, supposedly look younger than my age

I might have to go in and try them on

hope my mobile doesn’t ring while I’m in there.


Have to get my priorities right.