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Xmas at the Marketplace

Xmas at the Marketplace is colour

and light and the noise of children

having a good time – smiling faces,

excited voices and awe for Santa

and his promise of presents.

Walking around with John Lennon’s Happy Xmas

going through my head when really lyrics from

Imagine would be more appropriate – ‘Imagine

all the people, living life in peace.’

It’s a place where people meet and

greet and pass news and observations

before parting with the wish for a happy Xmas.

The contrast between worlds. Northern shoppers

wearing raincoats, beanies and jumpers.  Here

in the south people casual in shirts, hats and shorts.

Then there’s the shops – you can get everything from

clothes to cosmetics, jewellery and beauticians, music to

postage stamps, scan pans to handbags, nails done

and eyes checked, groceries to wine for the turkey

and beer for the barbie.

At the book sale I opened The Christmas Story book where

Gabriel talks to Mary and says ‘He is the son of God

and you will call him Jesus.’ And we did.

Went past Santa’s cave and he was out of his seat.

I said hello and shook his hand and told him what a

good job he was doing.  He seemed pleased with that.

So I left the Marketplace dressed in its sparkling stars

and Xmas trees and through how without its cool comfort

in which to shop, the season would be the poorer.