Sparkly Dragonflies

Summer is coming and so are those beautiful humming dragonflies, so majestic to watch. Your kids can make their own sparkly decorative dragonfly quite simply with glue, pegs, paint and some googly eyes.

It’s a great indoor activity and even better outdoors, the creatures can come to life instantly, cruising around your yard landing on trees and wherever your little people’s imagination takes them.

Shopping List
Glittery pipe cleaners
Wooden pegs
Googly eyes – small to medium (large wont fit)
Paint (mutlitple colours of your choice)
Paint brushes
Tub of water to clean the brushes
Old dishcloth to dry the brush when switching colours
Glue (glue gun if you’ve got one but otherwise will do fine)

Lay everything out neatly on the table, get your kids to choose colour schemes for pipe cleaners and paint colours.

Next, get them to paint one side of their wooden peg, the head end is the end that normally pinches onto the clothes.

Apply a small amount of glue at the head end, once the paint has dried, and carefully affix the eyes.

They may need to be a little bit wonky to fit onto the peg, making them all the more unique and cute.

Grab a pipe cleaner and bend both ends to the middle, twisting to hold it together.
Do two of these and then criss-cross them, pinch open the peg and fix them inside the mouth of the dragonfly (peg).

You could use glue to secure the wings, but it’s not essential.
Let them dry and prepare for your garden to be buzzing with these cute sparkly guys.

Activity and photography by Heidi Atkins.