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A Helping Hand for our Farmers

Support our Aussie Farmers with a generous donation

A Helping Hand…

We need your support to help our farmers. Please dig deep and donate to assist in drought relief for our farmers.

At Wagga Marketplace you can give a helping hand by donating into our three coin spinners currently located near Rockmans W Lane and support our farmers in need.

You can donate in centre to the following charities:

Drought Angels
Drought Angels supports Aussie farmers and their rural communities with meaningful and personalized assistance.  We provide food hampers, care packs, prepaid visas, local store vouchers, stock feed and hay. Through direct personal contact with the farmers, Drought Angels has earnt a reputation for providing personalised, heartfelt and discreet assistance. We help those who would not normally reach out but prefer to battle it alone, which can lead to severe depression and in some cases suicide.

Salvation Army
Dig deep to support our farmers
The Salvation Army’s Rural Chaplains and Personnel are currently in drought-affected areas conducting regular visits to farmers and rural communities and helping them in any way they can by distributing food hampers, helping with bill payments and other financial expenses, assisting with farm and household jobs, and providing emotional and practical support.

Lions Clubs 

“Need for Feed”
All donations will be used to help our struggling farmers purchase feed for their starving stock within the Lions District 201N4