How to Recycle e-Waste

What is e-Waste?

Each year, millions of electronic devices like televisions, computers and mobile phones are discarded in Australia. E-waste is a rapidly growing stream of waste containing valuable and rare materials that are critical to reduce, reuse and recycle. Australians are among the highest users of new technology, and e-waste from obsolete electronic goods, e-waste is growing 3 times faster than general waste.

What does e-Waste include?

E-waste is any item with a plug, battery or power cord that’s no longer working or unwanted. It includes, but is not limited to:

Computers, laptops and tablets
Mobile phones
Digital cameras
Printers and photocopiers
Fax machines
Batteries and electronic tools
Home appliances
Electronic toys

How can we minimise our impact?

Minimising e-waste helps protect the environment and recover precious materials for reuse.

Reduce your consumption of electronic devices
Buy second hand electronics
Donate or sell electronics that are in good condition
Extend the life of your electronics by taking care of them
Repair broken electronics
Recycle your electronic devices

How do I recycle e-Waste in my community?

E-waste should not be put in your rubbish or recycling bin.

You can take your e-waste to the local drop-off point to help keep precious metals out of our ecosystem and give new life to finite materials. 90% of the materials in a mobile phone handset can be recovered and reused!

Kurrajong Recyclers and the Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (REROC) have joined forces with Drop Zone by MRI E-Cycle Solutions to provide the service with e-waste drop zones placed in council landfills across the region.

Residents and small businesses are able to drop off their old televisions, computers and computer components to 9 locations in the REROC region. Please see below for a list of locations or click here to download a PDF version of the locations.

Bland – Bland Shire Council Landfill, Racecourse Rd, West Wyalong

Coolamon – Coolamon Shire Council Landfill, 102 Dyces Lane, Coolamon

Cootamundra – Cootamundra Waste Transfer Station, Turners Lane, Cootamundra

Greater Hume – Culcairn Transfer Station, Schnaara Lane, Culcairn

Gundagai – Gundagai Waste and Recovery Centre, Burra Road, Gundagai

Junee – Junee Transfer Station, Kahmoo Road, Junee

Lockhart – Lockhart Shire Council Waste Depot, Tip Road, Lockhart

Temora – Temora Shire Council Waste Depot, Teal Street, Temora

Wagga Wagga – Gregadoo Waste Management Centre, 132 Ashfords Road, Wagga Wagga

Don’t forget to remove your personal information from your device before recycling!