Windmill Park | Silo Art & Canola Fields by Megan Cameron

Megan Cameron is a local pencil portrait artist and painter who captures her subjects with care and meticulous attention to detail. Whether putting pencil to paper or brush to canvas she is able to bring her subjects to life with an intense dedication to realism.

Megan has been a professional artist for over 8 years and specialises in realistic portraits of animals. Her creative experience is extensive and varied with a background in graphic design, printing and fashion. Her artworks are collected not only across Australia but also internationally with portraits in the USA, France, India and the UK. Born and raised in Sydney, Megan now lives in Wagga with her husband, children and dogs and feels blessed to now call the Riverina home

The inspiration for the design of the playground celebrates the region’s rural roots and includes commissioned artwork from local artist Megan Cameron to further pay homage to Wagga’s rural surrounds and farming community. The artwork was briefed by the Wagga Marketplace to be iconically Australian but recognisably the Riverina, marking their place among the local silo art trails. When putting together the concept for the silo artwork Megan wanted to highlight the connection between the farmer and their working dogs, as it is something she is very passionate about, and so they are the heart and soul of the silo art. The beautiful yellow of the canola fields have been carried across to the second artwork on the wall of the younger children’s playground, featuring the closeup of the canola crops that locals and visitors alike, know and love when visiting the canola trails in the local region.

The final design is easily distinguished as a Riverina landscape and highlights the beauty of the local region.

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