A Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh Air

Our operations are 100% carbon neutral.

Alongside 90 other ISPT properties, Wagga Wagga Marketplace has taken immediate action on climate change by having our operations certified carbon neutral by Climate Active.

The project, which procures 100% Australian Carbon Credit Offset Units (ACCUs), with a focus on offsetting programs connected to Indigenous communities, incorporates all of Wagga Wagga Marketplace’s communal areas.

As Australia’s largest local offsetting project, our offsets are purchased from 12 community-based projects. The projects have a dual benefit of protecting and regenerating native land to restore habitats for plants and animals, while also driving positive economic outcomes for Indigenous owned-businesses and communities.

This milestone has also been accomplished by ISPT’s management of climate risks in its portfolio and operations, including Richmond Marketplace. This comprises of energy efficiency, onsite renewables, offsite renewables through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and then by offsetting the remainder of emissions with ACCUs.

Thanks for being a part of creating a better future with us. Find out more at http://ispt.net.au/esg/