International Women’s Day – celebrating women of Wagga Marketplace

Celebrating the women of Wagga Marketplace!

#Internationalwomensday (IWD) is a time for everyone regardless of faith, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity to celebrate how far we’ve come towards gender equality and how far we have left to go. It is a day to recognise that progress hasn’t been equal,  that we must stand together to challenge social norms, face discrimination, harassment, inequality or oppression and that there are sisters in other areas of the world who aren’t able to march out of fear of their safety. We stand with them.


This IWD, we celebrate six remarkable women at Wagga Wagga Marketplace by getting to know them, a bit about their story and what the day means to them. We asked them:


  1. What store in Wagga Marketplace do you work at and how long have you been there for?
  2. What is your fondest memory of the Wagga Marketplace/your store?
  3. Where is your favourite location in Wagga Wagga to spend a day off?
  4. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
  5. What advice would you give to your 25 year old self?
  6. If you could have dinner with three inspirational women, dead or alive, who would they be and why?
  7. What is your International Women’s Day message?


Jodie Uoifalelahi – Manager at Jeanswest

  1. I’ve been employed with them for the past 18 years.
  2. Fondest memory is the day we re-opened after a 4 month shutdown in 2020. We had so many people drop in to wish us well and to let us know they were happy to have us back.​
  3. Anywhere along the banks of the Murrumbidgee River – watching the world go by at the Wagga Beach, a walk around the Wiradjuri Reserve, and barbeques at the Oura Beach Reserve.
  4. It’s a day to celebrate the strengths,resilience, contributions and successes of all women.
  5. Be kinder to yourself and know your worth.
  6. Betty White – she was always ahead of her time and lived every day of her life with passion, integrity, humour, and an open mind. Jacinda Arderne – she is empathetic and kind, and also strong and assertive. I think this makes her a great leader! My mum Marilyn – she was thrown so many challenges in her lifetime and she faced every one of those adversities with determination, courage, and grace. She taught me to keep marching forward no matter what.
  7. “When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.” Gina Rinehart. Here’s cheers to the magic we can make happen together!


Terri Johnson – Owner of Just Cuts

  1. I am Franchisee and manager of Justcuts Wagga and have held this position for 25 years.
  2. My fondest memories of my 25 years have been the people. our clients, my team.
  3. When I have time off I spend it with people I love and in my garden.
  4. I think it is recognition for all women who each and everyday are out there keeping things going , whether working, raising a family , doing the sports run , looking after ageing parents, supporting each other , giving to the community and having the strength to get up and keep going , it’s a pat on the back for all women and what they do everyday.
  5. I read a saying later in life that I wish I had seen at 25. “Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, wisdom to know the difference.”
  6. The 3 women I would have dinner with today, first would be my mother who has passed to tell her that I have a much better understanding & respect now as a woman in my sixties of the challenges that older women face and how proud I am of how she faced those challenges. Another would be Rosie Batty who has overcome the worst life can deal you and still find the courage to carry on helping others with strength, humility and respect – she is a true inspiration.  And Pink, who in the public eye has given me a show of strength to women around the world how you can be smart , strong , talented and still pursue your dreams in a positive way.
  7. To use the best traits we as women have, Strength ,heart , intelligence, resilience, determination and kindness as every woman makes a difference,  ask yourself what difference can you make?


Lesley Kennedy – Cleaner

  1. I have worked as a cleaner at the Wagga marketplace for approximately 24 years.
  2. Meeting new people and having a chat to the elderly.
  3. At home, spending time with family and my grandkids.
  4. This is a day for us to join voices with people around the world.
  5. Live life to the fullest.
  6. My mother because I would not be who I am today.
  7. Be happy and be kind to others.


Irene Hopkins – Cleaner

  1. I hold the role of cleaning supervisor for 22.5 years at Wagga Marketplace.
  2. The friendships I have made over my time at Wagga Marketplace.
  3. At home, relaxing.
  4. A time to appreciate the inner and outer beauty of all women.
  5. Have a good job, travel and look after family members.
  6. My mother – because she was a family person.
  7. Be happy, help others and be yourself.


Sally Tait – Cleaner

  1. I’m a cleaner at the Centre. I have been here 20 years this year in August.
  2. The people that I’ve known and the people I will meet.
  3. I just like to spend my time having lunch at local cafes, shopping and laughing with my friends and family.
  4. That we have come along way in the last 25 years.
  5. Find work and be happy in life.
  6. My mother and my friends, Irene and Natalie.
  7. Be happy in life, with whatever it is you choose to do.


Margaret Pavitt – Manager at Priceline

  1. Priceline, 25years.
  2. I think the renovation of our new store. It looks amazing!
  3. Home, spending time with my family.
  4. As women we are all equal and support each other no matter what.
  5. Follow your dreams and believe in yourself.
  6. My biggest inspiration would be my mum, the strongest most beautiful lady in the world who watches over me from heaven.
  7. Stand strong and support all women around you.